Set “top,left” of an element with the position relative to the parent in jQuery

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The .offset([coordinates]) method set the coordinates of an element but only relative to the document. Then how can we set coordinates of an element but relative to the parent? The.position() method get only “top,left” values relative to the parent, but … Read More

Javascript isArray() function

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Javascript does not provide a function to recognize if a variable is an array or not; you can make a “typeof” of the variable however u’ll get an ‘object’ datatype, as in the following code [sourcecode language=”javascript”] var myarray = … Read More

How to stringify an object in Javascript: converting an object to a padded & well-formatted string or simply inline

I wrote a function to convert an object in a string (stringification) without using a JSON library; you can convert an object to a well formatted string with padding or simply to an unique line: [sourcecode language=”javascript”] function stringify(object, padding, … Read More