How to get button groups that span the full width of a parent in Bootstrap 4

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In Bootstrap 4, we can get a button group like the following <div class=”btn-group” role=”group” aria-label=”…”> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-default”>Left</button> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-default”>Middle</button> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-default”>Right</button> </div>   that span the full width of a parent element (like … Read More

How to display total number of days between two dates in PHP

to count the total number of days between two date, use the DateTime class and compare them via diff() method. $date1 = new DateTime(‘2018-01-01’); $date2 = new DateTime(‘2018-02-15’); print_r($date1-&gt;diff($date2));   Output: DateInterval Object ( [y] => 0 [m] => 1 … Read More

Convert a DateTime string to a Unix timestamp in VbScript / Classic ASP

To convert a datetime string value like “2016-01-01 12:30:00” to a Unix timestamp (the seconds from 01/01/1970 to the input datetime) You can use a conversion function as the following: Function ConvertToUnixTimeStamp(input_datetime) ‘As String Dim d : d = CDate(input_datetime) … Read More

Base64 encoding / decoding functions in VbScript / Classic ASP

With the following functions Base64Encode(sText) and Base64Decode(ByVal vCode), You can easly encode/decode a text in/from base64 in VBScript/Classic ASP:  

C# code to VB.NET free online converter

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Simply paste your C# code and this free online utility will automatically convert it to its equivalent in VB.NET. This utility now support .NET 3.5 syntax: You can reverse code from VB.NET to C# too. 🙂

How to export an ASP Associative Array to XML

“Asp Associative Array Class” provides a method to easly export all items to a well formatted XML string. For example, You can create a new *.ASP file : And You will get out the following XML:

How to populate an ASP Associative Array with records from MySQL / Access database Table

In this example, You can learn how to populate an ASP Associative Array with the records of a database table (MS Access or MySQL); then, how to programmatically manage well structured data without any extra SQL. Before to start: For … Read More

How to use Associative Arrays in ASP

First of all, You need to download the “Asp Associative Array class” then include the file “AssociativeArrayClass.asp” in your asp page. Right now, You can start declaring associative arrays in ASP with the following syntax: In the above example, the … Read More

VBScript Class to create easly Associative Arrays in ASP like in PHP

I’ve posted a project at Source Forge with an ASP/VBScript class to create easly associative arrays like in PHP; visit It is possible also load in an associative-array the data coming from MySQL or MS Access databases, then You … Read More

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